NEET Repeater


Dear Parents and Students,

NEET Repeater Batch, exam scheduled for August 1st 2021,online classes are in progress.

What @ MARS ?

  • Student friendly environment with approachable and inspirational teachers
  • Completion of NEET Syllabus
  • Experienced Staff qualified from IIT, IISc and Staff from reputed Medical Colleges and retired Professors
  • Approximately 800 theory sessions
  • Problem solving sessions / Study sessions / doubt clearing sessions are conducted under the supervision of teaching staff
  • DPP (Daily Practice Problem) and Study material is provided
  • Mock tests are conducted in a systematic and regular basis to assess students understanding
  • Activity based learning in Physics, Chemistry and Biology with lab facilities.
  • Limited number of students with individual attention and motivation with moral support provided
  • Parents will be updated regarding students academic progress after every mock test and chapter wise test
  • Field visits for academic development and exposure
  • Inspiring students to read with good library facilities
  • Group discussions and reading sessions.
  • Online exams with rank predictor
  • Reading facilities / Library facilities during holidays
  • Education imparted to every child to excel with Parental involvement
  • Recreational facilities are provided for students
  • Air conditioned class room with LCD Projector and Internet Wi-fi
  • Canteen and transport facilities available
  • Usage of laptops under MARS Guidance, strictly for academic purpose only.
  • Mobile Phones are not allowed.

MARS website also encloses all the latest news, posts and photo albums, so stay tuned and thank you for your cooperation.


MARS team